Call for Chapters


Call for Chapters: OK Boomer: Millennials in Academia


Mitchell B. Mackinem, PhD, Wingate University, USA

Lacy J Ritter, PhD, Wingate University

Anisah Bagasra, PhD, Kennesaw State University, USA

Call for Chapters

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Millennials are the latest generation to enter higher education institutions as junior faculty, researchers and scholars. As with each generation, they bring new values, perspectives, technological expertise and expectations. Higher education is facing potentially overwhelming challenges in finances, student debt, relevance, and non-traditional hiring. Some institutions are even facing risks of closure. Academic leaders—often Baby Boomers—attempt to meet these challenges while still tied to the traditions of a bygone time. OK Boomer: Millennials in Academia is an edited volume giving voice to millennial academics and their perspective of higher education. The proposed book will consist of approximately 12 chapters of 12-15 pages in length each, with a total page length of approximately 200 pages for the entire book. 

Millennials are not simply youthful Gen-Xers or Baby Boomer descendants. They represent a noteworthy change in values, orientation, and tolerance. Boomers are the children of Vietnam and Watergate; the civil rights movement; the war on drugs; and Second Wave feminism. Technology was TV antennas, mimeographed papers, IBM typewriters, and slide rulers. Millennials are natives to technology, with their ever-increasing need for the internet, cell phones, personal computers and social media connectivity. Millennials are more tolerant of sexual identities and racial/ethnic and economic diversity. The contrasts could not be sharper; yet, higher education and academics still operate using many outdated practices in both the structure of institution, work place relations, and teaching methods. Overhead transparencies are replaced by PowerPoint and Prezi, which are only slightly different forms of the same product. Millennials will lead the oncoming changes in higher education and OK Boomer: Millennials in Academia give voices to that future. 

Potential Chapter Topics

1. Navigating Non-Traditional Academic Employment 

2. Pedagogy and Understanding the Gen-Z Student

3. Technology in the Classroom

4. Teaching from the Margins 

5. Breaking through Traditional Barriers 

6. Navigating generational differences with Department Politics 

7. Mentoring Millennials & Being Mentored

8. Bridging Gaps with Generational Colleagues 

9. Researching the Youth – Gen-Z students as the research subjects 

10. Inclusivity of New Voices – Women and Minorities 

11. Marginal Authors – stigmatized researchers doing research 

12. Work-Life Balance

13. Promotion and Tenure


Submission Procedure

Each potential contributor will submit a 300-word abstract for the potential chapter. From this pool the editors will contact all authors and inform them of the editors’ decisions. Those who are invited to submit a full chapter will have approximately 90 days to submit their contribution. The chapters will then be distributed to other chapter authors for an initial peer review. All contributing authors are expected to peer review one chapter. The editors will collect the reviews and forward them on to the original author(s) for revision. The revision will need to be completed within 60 days. The editors will then review all the revised chapters. Any suggestions will be sent to the authors for a second round of revisions, should that be necessary. As required by the publisher the entire book will be reviewed by an outside peer reviewer. Should any suggestions be necessary, the outside reviewer’s comments will be forwarded to the authors for revision. From the call for abstracts to submission to the publisher will be approximately 18 months. 

This publication is anticipated to be released in the fall of 2021.